Chains - I finished this morning as the train came into Prince Street station, and it was cool to know that my subway train was traveling under the Battle of Brooklyn and also under the area where Isabel lived and escaped. And because it was Today, it hit me yet again that Obama's inauguration is a Big Deal. I don't know what will happen in the future, and I'm sure I'll disagree with him a whole hell of a lot, but I'm still glad he's president. We're so NOT in a post-racial society, no matter how often the pundits and anchorpeople like to say it. I wish we were, but it's just not true yet. I hope Obama as President takes us one step closer. The chains of poverty are still strong, particularly around african-american families.None of this was a review. Suffice it to say I enjoyed CHAINS, though I wasn't sure the relationship with Curzon felt QUITE earned. It was also a slow read for me, but could be because I had to put it down to read a book club book in the middle and I lost momentum.